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Updated: Jul 1, 2021

A tiny but powerful addition to your Ajax Hub.

What does it do?

The button can be programmed to carry out a number of commands when pressed but most notably can be used as a panic button. When pressed, the panic button instantly notifies security professionals or loved ones to respond to the call via the Ajax app, call or text message.

What's involved?

The button will be connected to your Ajax home hub and programmed via the mobile app so that contacts can be customised if needed. There are no extra wires or monthly subscriptions required.

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Rural crime in the UK during 2020 cost around £56m increasing nearly 10% from 2019.

Why is CCTV important for your Farm?

Items being targeted for thefts are: high value tractors, quad bikes, other farm vehicles, fertilisers and generally all hand & power tools that can be carried. Livestock theft has also significantly increased over the years with large numbers of livestock being stolen and illegally sold on.

Which CCTV should I choose?

There are many options but some of the features our CCTV systems offer include:

  • PTZ Cameras - These cameras give you the ability to drive the image via your devices (mobile phone or computer) this will allow you to track an intruder or view larger areas of your property, covering more equipment or live stock.

  • HDD recording - This is the storage facility provided with the system and allows footage to be stored and downloaded so you're able to pass these images to the police or review the footage whenever you need to.

  • Zoning and programming - Depending on the area of coverage, you may need extra protection or want to be notified quickly if a crime is committed. We can set up line crossing detection, vehicle and human tracking and 2 way audio challenge.

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