High Quality Detection

AJAX Motion Sensor

AJAX System

The AJAX alarm system can easily detect burglars using motion sensors and will take a burst of pictures which can be used as verification that an intruder is present. The system not only registers movements in your home, but also in your garden or driveway and notifies you immediately through the AJAX application on your mobile devices.


Installation is quick and fairly straightforward. You'll need mains power and an active internet connection to start. The Internet connection is important as this is used to initially setup and program the system correctly. Once setup, WiFi is enabled and a sim card can be inserted to allow for fail over in case your Internet connection fails in the future. This means you'll never miss any important events or notifications of intrusion.


Intruder Security Ltd are CHAS Health and Safety accredited. 

System Selection

The Hub is the main control box used to program and talk to the system equipment. Any changes made to the setup, or how the equipment functions, are stored and retrieved from the hub. You'll need a mains power socket and an active internet connection to setup the system. The hub also uses Wi-Fi and SIM cards (2G/3G/4G).
If power to the hub fails, you'll receive a notification but the back up battery will last up to 15 hours before the system stops working.


The system can connect up to 200 devices but as standard you'll need motion detectors to sense intrusion. Other options include:

  • Door sensor

  • Glass sensor

  • Indoor and outdoor sirens

  • Panic button

  • Motion camera

  • Flood protection

  • Fire protection

  • Siren

The system is available in Black or White